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Client Information:

Hg Advisers is a business growth consultant based on Gazelles International Scaling Up methodology. Today, more than 120 Gazelles International Coaches collaborate with over 1,700 companies on six continents worldwide and contribute over $42 billion in combined revenues to the global economy. In Australia, there are 16 Gazelles Coaches.

Jonathan Herps is one of them, with30+ years of business and leadership experience in Australia and Internationally, as an Executive Coach, Non-Executive Director, Advisory Board Chair & Member, CEO, Senior Executive, and Corporate Adviser.

Jonathan was moving merrily with his email marketing strategy which was giving him good results. He came across the social selling approach after being suggested by a fellow coach and wanted to try it as an experiment.


We approached Jonathan with a detailed presentation that how our assistance will help him. And it helped us in getting the project but with the following challenges.

    1. The client was not sure whom to target.

    2. Analyzing details of the target audience and making strategy based on it.

    3. Period was limited.
    4. Budget was limited with higher expectation.

Jonathan Challenges

Our Solutions

Though various challenges, our team still accomplished everything properly from analyzing the target audience to drafting a solid LinkedIn strategy for lead generation. We intimated with the client who permitted us to go ahead with our solution after reviewing it.

    1. We analyzed targeted customers to spot the right profiles to target.
    2. We targeted C-level executives of many organizations and sent them a personalized connect request.

    3. We set a period for results and connected them on regular basis through chatting, social sharing, etc.

    4. We kept in mind the budget and run the LinkedIn campaign organically.

The Results

From strategy development to execution, our team performed everything remarkably while maintaining a fully professional approach. It yielded the final result beyond expectation.

  1. The result of lead generation was surprising for Jonathan.
  2. Even during the first month, our client was able to get a 57% connection ratio.

  3. The overall conversion rate was 29%, which helped him in getting many confirmed clients whereas others were in pipeline.
  4. Revenue generation reached up to 70%
Jonathan Results

Key Takeaways

    1. Personalized messages grab the attention of everyone and also create a long-lasting relationship
    2. C-level executives are easy to be connected with someone with a mutual connection.
    3. You can get engagement with executives by knowing their industry trends, issues they face, etc.
    4. LinkedIn is the best platform to experience the magic of social selling.