Data Mining for Golf Course – Case Study

Data Mining Golf Course
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Client Information:

Up To Par ensures the success of golf courses, clubs, resorts, etc. with an unmatched management skill. With exceptional operating skills, the company works on the philosophy of delivering innovative solutions to customers while ensuring their full of safety. Its specialization includes golf operation management, club operation, and consulting services for Golf and Club Management.

Sean Taylor, Founder, and CEO of Up To Par needed data mining of golf course based in the USA with the use of directories to discover potential clients.


After a deep analysis of the client’s core requirements and expectations, we got in touch with them about our detailed strategy of data mining. The client finally awarded us the project without taking so much time along with numerous challenges.
    1. Incomplete data information
    2. The client wanted to target the whole USA rather than specific locations
    3. Handling of complex and noisy data
    4. Dealing with improved data security, algorithm, etc.
Data Mining Golf Course Challenges

Our Solutions

Once reviewed the client’s businesses, needs, specific goals, etc, our team finally sketched out a result-driven plan while keeping in mind all major challenges. We contacted the client with our final solutions and he finally consented to us to go ahead with our plan, after getting a detailed overview.

    1. Identify and target some popular directories in the US for getting ideas about those who need Golf Operation Management and Consulting services
    2. Handling of complex data with separate validation, checking vital signs, reproducibility, consistency, measuring twice, etc.
    3. Implementation of the latest data mining trends like information security, privacy protection, multiple database data mining, etc. to handle the major obstacles like data security in data mining.

Final Outcomes

We maintained proficiency in strategy implementation as well, apart from its formulation. Our team left no stone unturned to work accordingly with the recommended solutions and achieved the expected outcomes successfully.
  1. We provided a vast amount of accurate data based on the specific business needs of clients.
  2. Sean was able to find lots of potential customers for his business
  3. The overall conversion rate was 40%
  4. Revenue generation reached up to 70%
Data Mining Golf Course Solutions

Key Takeaways

    1. Data mining is the right technique to understand customers, know their likes, dislikes, etc.

    2. Always choose and target the right platform for data mining.

    3. Data mining helps businesses offer a personalized service to improve customer experience.