Aguai Solutions – Case Study

Aguai Solutions
We distinguish brands with a proven strategy by using robust channels to amplify their messages.

Client Information:

Aguai Solutions is a Bangalore-based digital solution and product engineering company. The company’s specialization lies across a range of services including product development, system integration, machine learning, data science and analytics, creativity and UX, and chatbot and AI.

The client named Bimlesh Gundurao, CEO of Aguai Solutions, was planning a US trip and needed to meet directly with some new clients to generate business leads.


Our team quickly overviewed the client’s business module while analyzing everything carefully. We contacted the clients with a detailed plan to deal with their challenges. The client assigned us the project after taking a glimpse of our plan and approach, but with the certain challenges.

    1. Finding new clients within a short period
    2. Conduct meetings with new clients
    3. Convert them into potential customers
Aguai Solutions Challenges

Our Solutions

We quickly formed a team that deeply analyzed the client’s requirements without leaving any stone unturned. We then started chalking out a full-proof strategy to provide the right solutions matching the needs of our clients who approved our solutions quickly.

    1. Use of LinkedIn platform to find and engage the new US-based clients and in-depth research work to target them.
    2. Target mainly C-level executives after analyzing of the client’s target audience and market.
    3. Implementation of various techniques like sharing personalized messages, crucial information, interesting posts, videos, etc.

Final Outcomes

After dealing with the project with a rock-solid strategy while implementing it properly, we witnessed the result was outstanding.

  1. Our personalized messages encouraged customers to engage with a long conversion, which turned up into phone calls and meetings.
  2. We set up 13 meetings for Bimlesh in San Francisco
  3. The conversion rate was 30%
Aguai Solutions

Key Takeaways

    1. From mid-level to senior level, LinkedIn is the right platform to establish a connection
    2. Personalized messaging always works for getting a quick response and also good for a long-term relationship.
    3. Social selling through a platform like LinkedIn strengthen the relationship with clients